Day THIRTY of 30 poems in 30 days!

30. Water

You drink it, swim in it and use it for your bath,

It waters the flowers and it can make a muddy path.

It is amazing how good it feels when you get to drink,

when you’re very thirsty it tastes better than anything you’d think.


And isn’t it so nice to jump into the cool Atlantic,

or if you go with your spouse at dusk it can be very romantic.

Either way I think that water is a real gift!

So let’s enjoy watching waterfalls and the stream drift!




Day twenty-nine of 30 poems in 30 days!

Only 2 more poems to complete the 30 poems in 30 days challenge! I’m using the first line of the song Dancing Queen as a prompt today.

29. Dancing Queen

You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen.

Oh, dancing queen, you’re full of life and your hair’s high sheen.

You fill the place with bright light that is shining from your eyes.

You can see the admiration in the faces of all the guys.


You are the picture of beauty and eternal youth!

When you take a break, everyone wants to share your booth.

You are the dancing queen, and you love life, like there’s no one who is mean.

So just dance right on through the night because you truly are the dancing queen!

Day 28 of 30 poems in 30 days!

28. Sisters

There is really something special about the bond of sisters.

They’ve seen you happy, in love, and with blisters.

They’ve known you almost all your life.

 From childhood to becoming a wife.


They love you even with your flaws.

Whether you show sweetness or your claws.

You might have felt so angry that you never could forgive,

as teenagers you might have said you wish she did not live.


Only a few days later it was suddenly all forgotten.

And you were laughing together just like nobody’d ever felt rotten.

You learn to be yourself with people who are really honest.

And often when you grow up these are the people you feel about the fondest.


And somehow your sisters get you in a way almost no one can.

Though sometimes you need to be your strongest when you choose a different path from your clan.

So just remember always, they will love you ’till the end.

Just make sure you do what you need, and know they will usually end up again your friend.


So let’s celebrate our siblings for the gifts they really are!

They help us grow beyond ourselves which can help us go so far!

I love my sisters very much and they’re amazing support for me!

I’d never want to miss growing up with them, including the pain and the glee!



Day twenty-seven of 30 poems in 30 days!

27. Eat, Pray, Love

Let me tell you a story about, Jenn, my dear friend,

Her life’s just like a certain movie, right up to the end.

It’s amazing how similar her journey has been so far.

In the movie the leading lady is played by a big movie star.


Do you know the movie titled Eat, Pray, Love?

Do you remember how the heroine prays to God above?

And how she then goes to Italy for a while.

Where she then learns to enjoy her food with a smile.


In India she finally finds her peace within.

In Bali she is ready for new romance to begin.

Then we see her happy ending, driving off into the sunset.

We know she’ll have a long term marriage, and so no more is she upset.


The big difference between my friend and the movie’s leading female,

Is that Jenn didn’t need to travel and therefore didn’t rely on email.

Even though she stayed where she was, she took her journey on the inside.

She learned to stay true to herself, and ended up a happy bride.


She enjoys delicious foods just like the woman in the movie.

She learned to listen to her heart, which gave her peace and she felt groovy!

And finally she met her man; whose house they decorated for Christmas with holly.

Mark kissed her under the mistletoe, and in no time they were off to their honeymoon in Bali!

Day twenty-six of 30 poems in 30 days!

26. A book

Reading a book can take you to an amazing place.

Suddenly you can see joy on the reading person’s face.

No matter how you had been feeling before,

The book can transport you to a new world, like a magic door.


It can help you relax for a while without worry.

While you’re resting in a hammock and reading without hurry.

You can dive into a fun new world like beautiful Paris or Rome.

And the wonderful thing is eventually you’ll be happy to come back home.



Day twenty-five of 30 poems in 30 days!

25. Change of Feelings

Can I change how I feel?

Even if what’s happening is real?

Can I just feel good because I choose to do?

Since you say I can, I’m all ears, now “how” I ask you.


Just focus on how you want to feel,

Don’t think of what is happening for real.

You know what true focus on the feeling will do?

The situation has to change to match the feelings in you.




Day twenty-four of 30 poems in 30 days!

I’m using the prompt:

“Today I’d like you to think about words buried in words. In particular, think about the words buried in your own name. Plug your name into an anagram generator, like this one, and try writing a self-portrait poem using words that are generated.”

24. Self-portrait with the help of an anagram generator (using my name). (bold means generated word – not as many as I was hoping)

I’m no gamer, jailer or moralizer.

I love jello and jam but I’m no legalizer.

I feel deeply, and sometimes put up an invisible veil.

I can sympathize with everyone, and I know when they are real!


I am eager to see everyone happy, it’s not easy, I realize,

I’m not trying to have you agree that the world can be better or to glamourize,

But I’m hoping to help people see a happier image of this amazing earth,

Because rage can only lead to jail, and people are just so much more worth.


I don’t like rumor, and believe everybody should be free,

Because if we all can choose our path we’re not in jail and can live happily.

I think it’s part of my mission to spread through email and love,

that at every age we choose our happiness with lots of help from above.